This Sink Setup Makes Doing the Dishes Enjoyable

Kohler's faucets are the perfect kitchen accent
Tasting Table Commons Kohler Hardware
Photo Credit: Kohler

If you're designing a kitchen, we're willing to bet the first thing that pops into your head has nothing to do with faucets. But the right sink setup can create a world of difference—which is where Kohler comes in.

We used Kohler's bold, modern matte black faucets for the two sinks in The Commons by Tasting Table to create a perfect blend of function and style. The Purist faucets are part of Kohler's Bold Look collection and join other black accents peppered throughout The Commons, like outlets and cabinet hardware. They feature single levers to control water pressure, have temperature memory and are able to resist tarnishing.

This durable, sleek product from a trusted brand makes doing the dishes that much more enjoyable.


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