Where to Get Breakfast for Dinner in NYC

Egg Shop is giving its namesake ingredient a new look
Where to Get Breakfast for Dinner in NYC
Photo: Egg Shop

True breakfast fans know the meal tastes best when consumed at all hours of the day, but sometimes a bowl of cereal on a Friday night just isn't enough. That doesn't mean you have to give up on the idea of having breakfast for dinner though, because one of NYC's most popular brunch spots shares the exact same mind-set.

Egg Shop, the morning hangout with locations in Brooklyn and Nolita, is bringing its namesake ingredient onto the dinner menu in a new way—meaning you won't have to feel weird about ordering a breakfast burrito after sundown. Though the menu (obviously) already included eggs in its dinner offerings, chef Nick Korbee is giving them a distinctly breakfast-y spin, ranging from breakfast burritos to poached egg-topped avocado toast.


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All that's left to do is carry the breakfast theme into dessert, with the restaurant's bacon bread pudding doughnuts. Up to you if you want to show up to dinner wearing your typical Sunday-morning pajamas.

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