Pair Cheese with Your Favorite Hot Sauce at Murray's in NYC

Make the most of your 2 favorite food groups
Best Cheese-Tasting Class NYC
Photo: Heatonist

Peek into our fridge, and you'll see why it wouldn't be a stretch to assume a solid portion of our diets is composed of just cheese and a solution of different hot sauces. And if your pantry is modeled after ours, head to Murray's in Greenwich Village, where this week it's hosting a class that's combining these two favorite food groups.

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The shop is partnering with hot sauce stockist Heatonist (yes, there is such a store in NYC), which is bringing the heat in the form of seven sauces to pair with seven cheeses, ranging from a relatively tame, ancho chile-spiced condiment to a fiery version that uses 24 Carolina Reapers in every bottle. 

Scared you won't be able to handle the heat? The class also includes endless pours of wine and beer for when you eventually break into a sweat.


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