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Brooklyn Cured's products fit into any meal

Over the years, Scott Bridi has left lots of delicious pork in his wake. From running Gramercy Tavern's charcuterie program to heading up Marlow & Daughters, this Brooklyn-born chef's resume is grease-stained with some of the city's best sausages.

Now, Bridi's struck out on his own with Brooklyn Cured, but he hasn't abandoned Gramercy Tavern's seasonal ethos, nor the progressive sustainable practices found at Marlow & Daughters.

His commitment to small-batch production shows through in the delicate seasoning and perfect texture of products like the zesty lamb sausage with black olives, smoky pork-belly rillettes and chicken-garlic sausage.

We'll be keeping packs of the Mangalitsa breakfast links (pork shoulder and belly meat blended with sage and Vermont maple syrup) in our freezer for last-minute winter brunches. And if you're left mourning the demise of your Thanksgiving leftovers, Bridi's got just the thing: turkey dinner sausage. This blend of turkey, pork, roasted chestnuts, sour cherries, nutmeg, thyme and wine is like the best of Thanksgiving rolled--stuffed, rather--together.

Find Brooklyn Cured at Blue Apron Foods, the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays, the New Amsterdam Market on Sundays and through Basis Good Food to You

New Amsterdam Market 100 Peck Slip New York NY 10038 212-766-8688 Brooklyn Flea 1 Hanson Pl. Brooklyn NY 11243 Blue Apron Foods 814 Union St. New York NY 11215 718-230-3180


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