The Thug Kitchen Authors Want You to Cook Damn Good Food

Their cookbook is NSFW, and we love it
Sweet Potato Al Pastor
Sweet Potato Al Pastor | Photos: Courtesy of Thug Kitchen 101

It begins with a quote from Julia Child, but that's as polite as this new cookbook gets.

Thug Kitchen 101 might just be the edgiest vegan cookbook ever. Authors Michelle Davis and Matt Holloway are the bloggers behind the unapologetically profane Thug Kitchen, the popular vegan cooking blog, and they're back with their third book in just three years. Readers should prepare to be verbally accosted into whipping up healthy, quick-cooking meals, like turmeric-sweet potato soup and flavorful dan dan noodles.

Aside from using language that would make your conservative grandma blush, there’s another twist. This book contains entirely vegan recipes. They're here to show you that quick cooking doesn't have to mean a box of Easy Mac and that healthy eating doesn't equal eating only kale. In fact, the Thug Kitchen duo is over kale. They warn you right from the start: "When we're done with you, diet will be the only four-letter word you won't say.” No more excuses, they just want you to get in the kitchen.

It's not all frivolity though. They do have a serious side and preface the book with plenty of mildly horrifying statistics that demonstrate Americans are terrible about cooking at home and the negative impact it has on our health.

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But then the cookbook becomes as wild as ever—we counted 257 f-bombs—but it's also, as they say, a "love letter to California." The title itself is a nod to the state’s iconic highway, and the pages are peppered with “roadside assistance” tips. The accompanying photography was shot by Holloway as the duo drove through the state, and there are hilarious Easter eggs throughout: Look out for a guest appearance by Gumby and a rogue Blockbuster membership card.

Tahini Fudge

Dig into the recipes, and their signature voice rings loud and clear: You should roast sweet potatoes until they're "kinda burned," substitute carrots for parsnips "if you hate adventure" and top a smoothie with cinnamon "so that your shit looks classy.”

The nonstop duo, who are just as hilarious in person, have big plans that reach far beyond the bookshelf. Davis and Holloway are hoping to open a restaurant in the L.A. area—you can only imagine what their menu might look like.


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