12 Taco-Themed Products for the Truly Devoted Among Us

Take Taco Tuesday to a whole other level
Taco-Themed Gifts and Products
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There are people who like tacos and then there are people who like tacos. So much so, that Tuesday isn't necessarily part of the mid-week slump but instead a holy day of crispy obligation.

So if you're the guy or gal who has a collection of hot sauce packets in your drawer, can recite a textbook definition on the difference between a gordita and a chalupa, and will gladly make a pilgrimage to Taco Bell both sober and, er, not so sober, these 12 taco-themed products were made for your cumin-scented fingers.

  • Taco Dog Costume

    Whether your best furry friend is an appropriately sized Chihuahua or breed that's a little bit meatier, the Velcro straps on this easy-to-fit costume will make your pet the star of Halloweens to come., $10

  • TriceraTACO Holder

    A little-known species of the Mesozoic Era, the tricerataco roamed our earth, ferrying deliciously crunchy tacos on its back, safeguarding them from breakage. OK, that may have been a complete lie, but that doesn't stop us from holding our tacos in prehistoric style., $13

  • Taco Booties

    It's never too early to start 'em young, and these adorable, handmade wool booties will keep their little feet warmer than a pan of seasoned ground beef., $25

  • Men's Taco Socks

    Alas, adult taco booties aren't a thing (just yet), but these fiesta-ready, made-for-Tuesday socks are an easy way to subtly show everyone where your true passions lie., $10

  • Personalized Taco Pillowcase

    What's better than eating tacos right before bedtime? Nothing. Eating tacos, and then immediately falling asleep on a custom pillowcase, made from soft microfiber as cushiony as a cloud of fluffy sour cream., $38

  • Blandito Transformable Rug

    Part rug, part blanket and, unfortunately, not part tortilla, the Blandito swaddles its inhabitants into a cozy, human-sized taco. Dreams really do come true., $397

  • Taco Tuesday Black Tea Towel

    In the rare case you actually do need a reminder, this dish towel hangs over your oven door handle, ready to tell you about the most important day of the week., $26

  • Taco Bell Ring Set

    Forget the 24-carat diamonds: These rings are the only jewelry we need when it comes to swapping vows in Taco Bell's wedding chapel., $25

  • Taco Galaxy Shower Curtain

    What better way to start your morning than to shower amid a constellation of shooting stars made of cheddar cheese and shredded lettuce?, $100

  • Taco Truck Playhouse

    Your dream of owning your own street food truck might never come to fruition, but that doesn't mean you can't do what every guilty parent does: live vicariously through your children. Welcome to the lemonade stand of the next generation., $69

  • Adult Taco Mask

    If the saying "You are what you eat" is true, then we would be required to purchase one of these (somewhat-unnerving) Halloween masks., $18

  • Glitter Taco Bag

    For a long night out, this glitzy, over-the-shoulder bag is perfect for carrying essentials (mainly loose dollar bills for late-night Taco Bell runs)., $20

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