Le Creuset's New Spring Cookware Line Is One You Can Afford

And you won't have to settle on just one color to bring home either
Affordable Le Creuset Sorbet Collection
Photo: Le Creuset

There are usually two tough questions we ask ourselves when looking at a Le Creuset piece: Is this really worth a chunk of my paycheck? followed by Which color do I choose? Well, the premium cookware brand is providing a solution to both those problems in the form of its new spring-colored and (reasonably) affordable Sorbet Collection. 

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According to Refinery29, the just-released line consists of assorted sets of bowls, mugs and other cookware pieces—including those legendary cocottes—in bright pastel hues. So while braising an entire lamb leg is out of the question, you can at least bake up a batch of miniature lamb potpies. Plus, each bundle (which includes between four to six individual pieces) runs no more than $80.  

But aside from the price tag, the best thing about the collection is that we don't have to choose between bringing home the Provence purple or Sugar Pink shade, as each set consists of a variety of colors. 

Now, the only question we have left is: Do we really need mini cocotte magnets? (The answer is yes.)


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