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Crush spices in style with this elegant mortar and pestle
Photo: Courtesy of John Julian
John Julian Mortar and Pestle

It's hard to imagine a stylish way to smash peppercorns, herbs and papaya salads into smithereens. That is, until you take a gander at this minimalist porcelain mortar and pestle from British sculptor and cookware designer John Julian.

Julian's Spear mortar and pestle ($134) fits snugly in your hand, like a tiny football, and features a shallower dish for smoother grinding. (The designer recommends rocking back and forth for even results.) Julian cites the legendary Nigel Slater among his mortar-and-pestle followers; Slater, who relies on it regularly, calls the sculptural kitchen tool "the most perfect."

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And it's stylish and compact enough to warrant taking up precious residence on your kitchen countertop.

You're about to have a lot of fun with your spice rack.


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