This Is Ina Garten's Ultimate Comfort Food

And, yes, there's plenty of cheese involved
Ina Garten's Ultimate Comfort Food
Photo: Quentin Bacon

There's no question that Ina Garten is a societal gem. She was there when Taylor Swift had her first whiskey sour, she's friends with the White House dogs and she saw Hamilton while you were still scouring the black market for tickets.

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But the truth is, she's still human (we think), so we can assume that she, too, seeks comfort in carbs, cheese, potatoes or some combination thereof.

Ina confirms our hunch in her latest book, Cooking for Jeffrey. She calls her creamy Parmesan polenta her "go-to comfort food," and explains how it makes the ideal winter meal when served with warm ratatouille or classic meatballs. And considering her recipe calls for three kinds of dairy—freshly grated Parm, crème fraîche and butter—we're right there with her.

The jury's still out as to Jeffrey's favorite comfort dish, but based off the book's cover alone, we can only guess it has something to do with cake.


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