The Avocado Toast Hack You Need to See Right Now

Behold the all-time fastest way to dice an avocado
Avocado Toast
Photo: Dave Katz/Tasting Table

Dicing an avocado can be risky business. Once you’ve removed the slippery pit, cutting evenly sliced cubes out of the oblong shape can be tricky. The process can also take a little too long during those mornings when you need avocado toast ASAP. Instagram waits for no one.

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Thankfully, a brilliant video from Business Insider shows us that dicing your avocados doesn’t have to be challenging or time-consuming.

For the fastest way to dice a whole avocado, press the halves through the square grids of a cooling rack.

Press all the way down until the skin hits the rack, and you’ll have perfectly even, small dices in seconds. And what do we do when we discover an avocado hack? Apply it to Instagram’s favorite breakfast, that’s what:


One minute avo toast is here to make your morning.

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The only question we had after watching this hack was, How have we not been doing this all along? (Well, it turns out our food editor has known about this trick for years, but the rest of us were floored. Thanks, Jake.)

And there you have it. The quickest way to avocado toast—and double-tap domination.


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