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Andrew Zimmern Gets Saucy

The chef adds Japanese seasoning to a classic Italian custard

Sabayon, the classic Italian dessert traditionally made with fortified wine, egg yolks and sugar gets a Japanese twist from Andrew Zimmern, who adds miso paste, dashi and sake to transform it into a savory sauce to serve along with lightly grilled vegetables.

Zimmern says, "We put it on everything in our house—grilled fish, roasted chicken; it's great for a marinade. This stuff is the thing of legend, and once you taste it, that salt, sweet and umami, you just want to keep eating it and keep eating it. It's an all-purpose sauce, and I come from a generation where sauce is important."

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So long as you have all the ingredients on hand ("Make dashi once, and you have it for the whole year"), Zimmern insists the sabayon (see the recipe) couldn't be easier to make. "I combine these things with a little bit of sugar and sake in a double boiler, and it's extremely safe. It will not break; it will not curdle."

Don't have time to fire up the grill? Zimmern says that the broiler is just as good. "Make it easy for your lifestyle. These vegetables with the miso sauce and a steamed bowl of rice is so healthy and so good, it's a meal on its own."

And best of all, he says, "That sauce will keep forever . . . figuratively. Eat it. Use it."