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16 gadgets for egg perfection
Egg Gadgets
Photos: Courtesy of World Market, Lumens, Williams-Sonoma

Come Easter, eggs become the belle of the ball—or at least, the focal point of all-out hunts, the medium for questionable artwork and the decor of choice.

But real egg enthusiasts know they deserve year-round love and proper (not to mention, straight-up fun) gear dedicated to them. For starters, they belong in an emerald-colored crate not that flimsy cardboard.

And that perfectly poached egg? It deserves a seat of its own. Read on to see what we're talking about (and for the rest of our favorite egg gadgets).

  • Peleg Design YolkFish Egg Separator

    Sure, you could follow that hack that's all over Internet and use an empty water bottle to slurp out yolks. Or you could use an adorable orange fish., $14

    Photo: Courtesy of Animica Causa

  • West Elm Textured Egg Cup Set

    Nestle your soft-boiled eggs into textured egg cups (we're eyeing the honeycomb slate) for a colorful take on the pinkies-up breakfast. When you're not serving fancy a.m. bites, use them to hold finishing salts., $24 for four

    Photo: Courtesy of West Elm

  • Fusionbrands FoodPod

    We're all about versatility, and this space-like silicone sac works for more than just hard-boiling eggs (see how it works). You can also blanch, boil and steam vegetables, mussels and whatever else you fancy., $15

    Photo: Courtesy of A+R

  • P. Allen Smith Deviled Eggs Platter

    Even if you're making a modern take on the retro appetizer, pay homage to the deviled eggs of yore with a traditional dish. (And come oyster season, tuck petite West Coast oysters into those indents.), $20

    Photo: Courtesy of P. Allen Smith

  • Norpro Sandwich Egg Ring

    A round egg on a square sandwich makes for the saddest, driest corner bites around. Get the prime egg-to-carb coverage with a bread-shaped mold., $5

    Photo: Courtesy of Park and Main

  • Fishs Eddy Emerald Egg Tray

    Store fresh eggs in a ceramic crate inside your fridge, so you can quickly grab them as you need them. Dyeing eggs for Easter? Use it as a pretty display for your handiwork., $10

    Photo: Courtesy of Fishs Eddy

  • Swiss Diamond Induction Nonstick Plett Pan
    Have overnight guests? Make breakfast go smoothly with this pan: Four separate pockets let you cook the eggs to everyone's particular liking—or cook a short stack of pancakes simultaneously., $190

    Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

  • Donna Wilson Mog Egg Cup

    That cat is just as unhappy as you are to be out of bed. But a soft-boiled egg (and a hot cup of coffee) can turn any day around., $17

    Photo: Courtesy of Donna Wilson

  • The Perfect Egg

    The ladies behind Spoon Fork Bacon do a whole lot right, so follow their lead on everything eggs. The recipes are divided into four sections (morning, afternoon, night and sweets), and we're thinking a perfect egg day includes baked Egg Clouds for breakfast, avgolemono soup for lunch, poached yolk-stuffed ravioli for dinner and Brazilian custard to top it all off., $19

    Photo: Courtesy of Spoon Fork Bacon

  • Cuispro Egg Poachers

    Kudos to the poaching pros. For those who are intimidated by the process (swirling? vinegar? huh?), ease in with a nest that sits right on the edge to make for simple cooking and scooping., $12

    Photo: Courtesy of Houzz

  • Luckies of London Sunnyside Egg Ring

    Mom always said never to play with your food, but we think she'd make an exception for this playful egg mold., $15

    Photo: Courtesy of Chef Central 

  • Surface Egg Cups

    What to do with that pesky shell of a hard-boiled egg? Discard it right into the little groove made for it. Oh, you need salt? There's a groove for that, too., $39

    Photo: Courtesy of Danish Design Store

  • Eggs Phone Case

    Wear your heart on your sleeve egg on your phone case. Philly-based illustrator Kendra Dandy's graphic pattern can be made for nine different device sizes of iPhone and Galaxy., $35

    Photo: Courtesy of Society 6

  • Rösle Egg Topper

    After you made the effort to buy egg cups just for the occasion, you can't half-ass the final presentation. Clip off the top of the egg in one straight, sleek movement with a spring-loaded (yes, spring-loaded) slicer., $23

    Photo: Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

  • Alessi Le Nid Ramequin

    Making this sort of investment in a singular-egg serving dish may seem ridiculous (and maybe it is), but it's at least a little bit practical: You can poach the egg in the ramekin before propping it up on the most delightful (and only) example of kitchen gear-meets-dollhouse furniture., $60

    Photo: Courtesy of Lumens

  • World Market Retro Beater

    Give your whisk the morning off and reach for an old-school crank handle instead. Who knows, it might just replace that whisk entirely., $13

    Photo: Courtesy of World Market

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