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What's for dinner: the perfect rib eye and new potatoes
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Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

You might have noticed that we got a bit of a face-lift. We're turning a whopping seven years old this year, so we're celebrating the only way we know how: by kicking off our new site, introducing the 2015 class of New Originals and eating the perfect meal to match it.

① Drink: Apple and Ginger Chaser
It's our seventh birthday, which is cause for celebration—and a drink. But since we're technically underage, add sparkling water to this spiced "chaser" for a more effervescent apple cider.

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② Main Course: The Perfect Rib Eye
This steak needs a lot of salt, a generous herb rubdown and a little oil, and that's about it. Resist the urge to flip it a hundred times—sit on your hands or have another drink if you need to—and you'll be rewarded with a deep, crisp, charred—but not carbonized!—exterior and an interior that's evenly cooked to a perfect medium rare all the way through.

③ Side Dish: New Potato Salad with Cornichons and Capers
New site, new potatoes—it only makes sense. Especially when they're served chilled with a Swedish-style mustard-dill sauce and crunchy cornichons. We're still not over potatoes after last week's love fest, and we don't plan to move on at least until Thanksgiving is over.


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