What's for Dinner: The Last (February) Supper

Gear up for the weekend with lasagne Bolognese
Lasagna Bolognese
Photo: Lizzie Munro/Tasting Table

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

Congratulations, you made it to Friday! Not only that, but it's the last weekday of February, which means spring is just around the corner. Instead of going out, celebrate with a big night in with warm, comforting food–before you know it, it'll be July, and you will have sworn off your stovetop. Fill up on our lasagne Bolognese, then say hello to Netflix and good-bye to the week.

① Appetizer: Salad of Bitter Greens with Speck and Clementines
Whip up this playful, well-balanced salad while you wait for the sauce to thicken. It comes together instantly, and we'll take any excuse to squeeze in the last of the season's citrus.

② Main Course: Lasagne Bolognese
This authentic Italian dish is scientifically proven to cure winter blues, and you'll be sure to get a result that would make any Italian grandma proud.

③ Dessert: Chocolate and Chestnut Cake with Kumquat Sauce
Nothing says "hello, weekend" like a slice of rich, chocolaty cake. Get cozy in your Snuggie, rest those meat-chopping arms and celebrate a week well done.


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