What's for Dinner: #WCW Feast

Vote for this suffrage-celebrating menu from inspiring female chefs
Dunderi with Lemon and Butter
Photo: Tasting Table

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

We're casting our ballot for a night of celebration: Ninety-five years ago today, the 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote. So roll up your sleeves Rosie the Riveter style and get cooking with this menu of dishes exclusively from leading ladies in the culinary world. Cook like a girl—you'll be glad you did.

① Main Course: Dunderi with Lemon and Butter
Toast to ratification—nonalcoholic, of course; this was during Prohibition—and then ease into a bed of pillowy ricotta dumplings. Portland's Jenn Louis shines light on this lesser known Amalfi Coast dish, soon to become your pasta weapon of choice.

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② Side Dish: Gruyère and Black Pepper Popovers
This recipe for puffed, cheesy popovers comes from Jodi Elliott, one of Austin's most celebrated pastry chefs. Though delicious on their own, they're great for soaking up lemony butter sauce left over from your plate of dunderi.

③ Dessert: Dulce de Leche Tapioca with Strawberries
We love both this unbelievably simple way to make dulce de leche and the woman behind it—so much that we dubbed Nicole Krasinski as one of our Best Pastry Chefs two years ago. But the best part is all that extra sauce, which means a week of caramel swirls in your oatmeal, yogurt and more.


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