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Roast Rules

Two dishes, timed perfectly, for one easy dinner party

Thanksgiving. Hanukkah. Christmas. New Year's.

Once November hits, party season approaches so quickly, it can feel like one big blur. And then, you realize the dinner party you scheduled back in October is this weekend.

Introducing your foolproof dinner party plan. Watch this video for a play-by-play schedule that tells you exactly how to cook and perfectly time a beautiful beef tenderloin centerpiece with a side of bright broccoli rabe. It's mostly a hands-off meal (the oven does all the heavy lifting) that you don't have to give a second thought (the video does it for you), or learn any complicated techniques.

The trick lies in the spacious and sleek Samsung Flex Duo™ Range with Dual Door: It splits into two ovens, so you can cook the roast and vegetables simultaneously at two different temperatures. And with the Dual Door you can open just the top section to slide your broccoli rabe into the top oven for a quick, higher temperature setting that won't affect your slow-roasting tenderloin in the bottom oven.

They both come out at the same time, leaving you with two very important things: time for a preparty glass of wine (or two) and enough brainpower left over for stimulating conversation.

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