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Popcorn gets a new look

We know better than to fix things that aren't broken.

So where our snacks were concerned, we were more than happy to leave popcorn--that age-old, movie-goers' crowd-pleaser--well enough alone.

But clearly, others weren't, since two new and delicious takes on the classic have emerged.

For the Seattle-based company Halfpops, large fluffy popped kernels are the nemesis. Using a patented technology that manipulates the moisture content of the kernel, Halfpops ($24 for 16 bags) pops its corn only partially, as the company's name suggests. The resulting popcorn is about half its traditional volume, and it boasts a more concentrated "corny" flavor. Think of it as the love child of popcorn and corn nuts.

Quinn Popcorn's  kernels ($15 for 3 boxes) are traditional, but its flavors are anything but. In an effort to update the unhealthy, hydrogenated mess of ingredients inside commercial microwave popcorn, the Quinn team sources non-GMO, organic kernels and seasons them with combinations such as Vermont maple syrup and sea salt, and Parmesan and rosemary.

Here's to the best kind of change.


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