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Infused Spreads saves summer year-round
Infused Spreads

These days, our market bags overflow with juicy peaches and plums that we could snack on for each meal, every day. But when those seasonal summer mascots fade, we'll replace them with spreads from Infused.

The small-batch Maryland jam company trolls local farms like Reid's Orchards to preserve berries, apricots, plums and more. As quickly as apricots, plums and tiny green gooseberries rolled into markets, owner and jam mistress Emem Oduok was collecting them for her spicy, herbal concoctions ($7 for eight ounces).

These days, the shelves of Oduok's market stand buckle under the bounty of spreads made from stone fruit and late-season berries. Plums appear in boozy plum-tequila jam and spreadable red-plum butter with ginger. Yellow-peach jam is spiced with cinnamon to temper its natural sweetness. Or return to early summer with blueberry-basil jam or strawberry-lavender jam, which is excellent with cornbread.

In addition to jams, owner Oduok prepares a small line of old-fashioned jellies in combinations such as slightly tart rhubarb-lime ($7) and rosemary-quince ($7), an excellent addition to grilled lamb.

Oduok's supplies vary based on how much produce she procures from farms, so we recommend stocking up now.

Available at 32nd Street Farmers Market at 32nd St. and Barclay St., Baltimore, MD, on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to noon;

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