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Good food and excellent drinks have fueled Louisville's reputation as one of the hottest bar and restaurant towns in the nation. Chefs take advantage of a network of nearby local farms for meat, dairy, poultry and produce. The birthplace of craft cocktails (the old fashioned was invented in Louisville), Derby City has had a lively bar scene just about since flatboats poled downriver to New Orleans, and the renaissance in craft beer breweries can also be traced back to Louisville's past. Today Louisville is a city that loves to eat and be entertained—and there's a growing list of great places to do so.


The Hot Brown

The Brown Hotel

Local Expert

Jeremy Johnson

Bartender and co-owner of Meta

"One of the most exciting things about Louisville right now is local talent beginning their own
Louisville journeys, like the team at Copper & Kings, Isaac Fox heading La Chasse and Megan Hook at the Outlook Inn. People starting as servers or bartenders are staying in Louisville to become proprietors, and that's great for the city."

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