This is the book for serious ice cream lovers who don't want to invest in—or make space for—an ice cream maker. Inspired by classic French dessert parfait, author Leslie Bilderback offers a super-easy, equipment-free formula for homemade ice cream. Rather than incorporating air with an ice cream maker, whipped cream is folded into an ice cream base, and instead of fussing with custard, the recipes rely on sweetened condensed milk. Flavors range from classic (chocolate, coconut, coffee) to more unusual (pineapple-peppercorn, rosebud, sweet potato-marshmallow swirl). The sorbets and sherbets require stirring every 30 minutes, so they're a bit of work but still quite manageable. You'll also find advice for making ice cream cakes, sandwiches and other desserts, as well as a bunch of topping recipes and an extensive list of recipe variations to keep you busy until Labor Day.

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