If you're well-versed in ice cream and gelato making and ready to take your frozen game to the next level, Nick Palumbo's whimsical-looking but serious-minded book is a good place to start. Palumbo opened his first gelato shop in Australia in 2002, and he now has 11, including a Las Vegas location. His "Basics" chapter is anything but basic and goes deep into the science of gelato making. There's a ton of interesting material here, but most is geared toward professionals and hard-core hobbyists. You'll need a scale, and Palumbo pushes for professional sweeteners like dextrose, which you can buy online. He also advocates for emulsifiers and stabilizers, though he admits you can skip them if you plan to eat your gelato right away. Each surprisingly short recipe includes domestic and professional versions. Among the 50 flavors, including some sorbets, you'll find milk chocolate, apple pie, blood orange and baklava.

Price: $30