A kamado is a ceramic barbecue grill and oven with a 3,000-year-old origin story that winds through China, India and Japan. Nowadays there are numerous brands and models available, and because kamados offer such incredible versatility and precision, they're an increasingly popular option for backyard cooking. But a kamado isn't just a fancy grill, which is why a book like Hot Coals really comes in handy. For such a small book, there's a lot of introductory material, including a bunch of history and science, an extensive review of fuels and an in-depth look at accessories. The authors eventually walk you through how to use a kamado, then offer 13 cooking techniques, from grilling and searing to smoking and baking. Recipes use one or more of these methods and include Cedar-Planked Cod, Caveman-Style Tomahawk Steak, Vegetable Lasagna and Focaccia.

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