A fully revised and updated version of their 2009 cookbook, America's Best BBQ offers an armchair tour of the country's top barbecue joints, led by Ardie Davis and Paul Kirk, frequent collaborators and barbecue insiders. This is definitely a cookbook, and it's filled with accessible, home cook-friendly recipes, but Kirk and Davis give much of the attention to barbecue restaurants. Alongside photos of ribs and pork shoulders, there are snapshots of the people and places that create our country's barbecue culture, including unexpected locations like Colorado, San Francisco and New York. Meat naturally gets the most attention, but appetizers, sides, condiments and desserts are also included. The usual suspects—ribs, pulled pork, a side of coleslaw—are joined by unexpected offerings like Brisket Nachos and Bar-B-Q Spaghetti. And for anyone in need of a refresher course, Kirk and Davis provide a Barbecue Basics section in the back.

Price: $20