Joe Carroll was a bar owner and obsessive barbecue hobbyist when he opened Fette Sau in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2007. Years of backyard grilling and smoking, plus studying and eating in America's major and minor barbecue capitals, helped Carroll develop his own unique style. Sustainably raised, heritage-breed meat is a must, and Carroll favors "dry" barbecue, in which spice-rubbed meat is slowly smoked, no basting and barbecue sauce required. Here, Carroll distills his expertise into 20 lessons. You'll learn that wood is not just fuel but also flavor; that one dry rub can enhance any type or cut or meat; and that fancy, high-priced equipment isn't the answer. The more than 75 recipes include Pulled Leg of Goat, Barbecued Turkey and Smoked and Grilled Hot Dogs. There's a chapter devoted to grilling before noon with recipes for Grilled Berkshire Bacon and Brisket Hash with Fried Eggs, plus a helping of side dishes and sections on beer, whiskey and wine.

Price: $30