In this tightly focused cookbook, The Little Paris Kitchen author Rachel Khoo offers a complete guide to breakfasts you eat out of a bowl: granola, muesli and porridge. After a quick overview of pantry essentials—you'll need to stock up on oats and buckwheat, honey and maple syrup, dried fruit, nuts and seeds-—Khoo gets right to the recipes, which range from hearty, wholesome selections like Super-Energy Muesli and Chicken Congee to more indulgent options like Rice Pudding and Triple Chocolate Gluten-Free Granola. There are also fruit compotes to enjoy with the various muesli, granolas and porridges; recipes for homemade soy, nut and coconut milks; and a guide to drying fruit at home. And if you just can't limit your oat intake to the morning, Khoo cooks up muffins, cookies, truffles, and bars made with muesli, too.

Price: $25