People regularly wait five hours to enjoy the brisket and ribs at Austin's Franklin Barbecue, and there's been equal anticipation for co-founder Aaron Franklin's first cookbook. Rather than simply sharing his recipes, Franklin set out to give people a complete and thorough understanding of his approach, which is rooted in Central Texas barbecue tradition but has its share of quirks. Each chapter dives deep into a specific aspect of barbecue, from the smoker to the wood to the meat. It gets quite technical, even "a little geeky," Franklin says, but the idea is that learning all this is far more helpful than loading you down with specific details that may or may not apply to you or your smoker. You'll eventually get to recipes for beef ribs, spare ribs, turkey breast and brisket, plus detailed instructions for slicing said brisket, a handful of sauces and sides, and Franklin's beer-and-barbecue pairing pointers.

Price: $30