Date night is a special occasion and deserves some fanfare, but if you're going to make these evenings a regular thing—and you should—you'll probably want to kick healthier food into the rotation. Here, in her debut cookbook, stylist, writer and cook Anna Jones, who spent seven years working for Jamie Oliver, shares the kind of simple, seasonal, nutrition-led dishes that are at the intersection of healthy and delicious. You'll see of-the-moment, good-for-you ingredients like millet and amaranth, but Jones also isn't above using butter and sugar. She has a talent for layering flavors and textures, such as in Warm Salad of Roasted Kale, Coconut and Tomatoes, or Walnut and Marjoram Pesto with Radicchio. It's food that satisfies without weighing you down, which is something that should come in handy later on in your date night.

Price: $35