If you've ever wanted to learn to grill pizza, this is your go-to guidebook. Author John Delpha acquired his expertise at Providence, Rhode Island's Al Forno, birthplace of grilled pizza; he's also on the award-winning IQUE barbecue team. Delpha takes a recipe-as-lesson approach and uses his Anything but Basic Tomato and Cheese Grilled Pizza to walk you through the pizza-grilling process. (The recipe will seem long, but it's the foundation for the rest of the book.) Delpha's detailed instructions will help you master the essential techniques, and the step-by-step photos eliminate any guesswork. With the basics under your belt, you can move on to pies topped with meat, seafood and veggies, as well as sandwich-inspired, brunch and dessert pizzas. The recipes range from old favorites like Quattro Stagione to more unusual creations, such as Barbecued Pulled Pork Pizza; Shaved Asparagus and Baby Swiss Pizza; and the morning-friendly Ramp, Bacon and Egg Pizza.

Price: $20