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Worth the Drive

These delicious destinations are the 6 best road trips to take this spring

Located on the Chesapeake Bay, the historic harbor town of Annapolis has one of the highest concentrations of 18th-century buildings in America—including 50 from the colonial era. (Fun fact: It was briefly the capital of the United States.) The picturesque city is also known for blue crabs, the United States Naval Academy and taverns so old that George Washington partied in them. It’s also an easy drive from Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Richmond. Here’s how to spend the ideal long weekend in Maryland’s charming capital city.


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Josh Brown

Executive Chef at Level Small Plates Lounge, Vida Taco Bar and The Fox's Den

“Annapolis is a town that has something for everyone; history, culture, arts and an up and coming restaurant scene.”


Ego Alley

Officially called the City Dock (but nicknamed Ego Alley), it’s prime people– and boat–watching territory. Watch sailboats cruise the river.

Drive in Style

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