Elise DeVoe

Photo of Elise DeVoe
Charleston, SC
College Of Charleston
Cocktails, Pasta, Coffee
  • Elise served as the Managing Editor for the College of Charleston chapter of Spoon University.
  • She writes monthly restaurant roundups for Charleston Living Magazine and freelance articles for the cuisine section of Charleston City Paper.
  • She wrote the Charleston neighborhood guide for The Infatuation.


Elise has been a food writer for six years. Her first published work was for Spoon University, the ultimate resource for college foodies, where she served as Managing Editor at the College of Charleston. She secured a spot as one of the top contributors to the site and participated in their Editorial Internship program. When she graduated from College of Charleston and could no longer write for the college publication, she decided to start her own food blog, Cookin' with Booze. Her website includes restaurant reviews, recipes, and recommendations in Charleston and beyond. Her work was noticed by Charleston City Paper and she started writing features for their cuisine section that focus on the untold or behind the scenes stories of the Charleston food and beverage community. Shortly after she started at Charleston City Paper, Charleston Living Magazine reached out about contributing monthly restaurant roundups. While she was writing for these publications, she was managing a restaurant concurrently, fully immersing herself in the Charleston food and beverage community. Her expertise in the Charleston food scene led to the opportunity to write the Charleston neighborhood guide for The Infatuation.


While earning her bachelor's degree at the College of Charleston, Elise immersed herself in the vibrant and dynamic food and beverage community in Charleston.