Colleen Graham

Hawkeye Community College
Cocktails, Beverages, Food
  • Colleen is a freelance writer and editor specializing in beverages of all varieties, as well as foods of nearly any cuisine.
  • Her work has been featured on popular food websites, including The Spruce Eats.
  • She has authored four books, most recently "Vodka Made Me Do It" and "Rosé Made Me Do It," published by HarperCollins UK.


Colleen Graham has nearly two decades of experience writing and editing about food and drinks. Cocktails and beverages have been her primary focus, particularly in her work that started in 2006 for (now The Spruce Eats). She has written over 2000 drink recipes and articles over the years. Her work is very popular among readers, and she prides herself on relaying practical tips so anyone can craft a great-tasting beverage. Graham has also authored four books that explore distilled spirits and cocktails in greater depth. As a freelance editor for The Spruce Eats, her expertise extended significantly to include food, spanning from classic American dishes to culinary bites from cuisines throughout the world. The work adds to her personal kitchen pursuits, and she believes anyone can learn to cook or mix drinks if given great advice and can experience the writer's passion for food.


Colleen's college options were journalism or photography, and she chose to pursue photojournalism at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa. After starting a commercial photography studio with her husband, she fulfilled her other dream and became a professional writer and editor as well.