Alice McLean

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San Francisco Bay Area
U.C. Davis, Stanford University , Hampshire College
Culinary History, American Food Culture, Food Writing
  • Alice McLean is a features writer for Tasting Table.
  • For over two decades, Alice has written essays and books exploring America's culinary landscape and the literature it has inspired.
  • Alice has written for publications ranging from Cooking Light to Gastronomica and has authored three books: Cooking in America (1840–1945), Asian American Food Culture, and Aesthetic Pleasure in Twentieth-Century Women's Food Writing.


Alice began her food writing career as a dining critic for an upstart weekly in Dallas, Texas. After making her way to the San Francisco Bay Area, she has worked as a professor of food studies and written a book on Asian American food culture. Her writing has appeared in Gastronomica, Food, Culture, and Society, Cooking Light, and the Radcliffe Culinary Times. Alice has taught courses on American food culture, food writing, and feminist food studies.


After completing her MA in English Literature at Stanford University, Alice earned a PhD in English from University of California, Davis. She specializes in American food culture and the history of food writing.
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