The Fresh And Easy Way To Take Avocado Toast To The Next Level

Avocado is often a supporting character in the culinary world: It serves as a topping on salads, a soft and creamy element in a burger, or as an accompaniment to hearty breakfast platters. But when placed on a slice of toasted bread it suddenly becomes the star of the show.

Avocado toast typically consists of sliced or mashed avocado, served on a hearty toast with various toppings. Sometimes it's the breakfast classic smoked salmon or lox with capers and raw red onion; Other times it's a simple sprinkling of watercress and a dash of salt and black pepper. If you have more time to spare, you can also take this healthy brunch dish to the next level with more over-the-top combinations like avocado toast with a poached egg and asparagus, Moroccan-spiced avocado toast spread with a yogurt harissa mixture, or the zippy addition of poached egg and pickled red onion. Why not follow TikTok's advice and try grating a hardboiled egg on top for a surprisingly fluffy start to your day?

The number of topping possibilities is close to infinite, but there's a perhaps less obvious one (though you'll wonder how you never thought of it when you learn it) that can take an ordinary avocado toast to an extraordinary place.

Salsa and avocado are a match made in heaven

Often associated with tortilla chips, salsa can serve as a fresh and flavorful addition to avocado toast. A classic pico de gallo will pair well with avocado, offering flavors of lime juice, fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, and salt — if you've ever eaten guacamole you know what we're getting at. You can opt for a sweeter salsa as well if you're not a spice fan. Make your own (like our pineapple salsa recipe) or purchase a premade fruit salsa from the store. Common flavors include mango, strawberry, and peach, just be sure to check the ingredients if you're avoiding spice, as some fruit salsas will still include a fiery kick.

And since avocados are technically fruits, per California Avocado, it makes sense that these flavorful fruit salsas would pair well with them. Almost all avocados have a mild and subtle taste that won't overpower the salsa on top; and a perfectly ripe avocado provides your toast with a creamy, almost buttery texture to contrast the chunky and semi-crunchy topping.

Some varieties of avocados are naturally sweet — like the Tonnage, Hall, and the Mexicola Grande types, as told by Food Republic – so if you're using one of these in conjunction with fruit salsa for your next avocado toast, be sure to scale back on any added sweeteners in the recipe. Otherwise, it's best to pair a sweeter avocado with a more savory or spicy kind of salsa for a contrasting flavor.