The Best Alternative When You Run Out Of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is essential when it comes to weekend pancakes. They just wouldn't be the same without this golden sweet liquid. Interestingly, per Acadian Maple, maple syrup is an ingredients that is uniquely part of the North Eastern region of North America and comes from the sap of a maple tree; However, this viscous liquid is not classified as maple syrup unless it has been cooked up to 66% sugar. And what makes it even more precious is the short amount of time maple syrup producers have to collect it: A two-month harvest period from March to April.

Of course, maple syrup is for more than just pancakes. There are some unconventional ways to use it in the kitchen and in your cooking endeavors. Epicurious suggests it is a welcome addition in a salad dressing, a key component for a delicious glaze for your bacon, and a sweetener for your favorite whipped cream. When it comes to flavor, Acadian Maple reveals you will want to choose wisely. Maple syrup that is lighter in color will be sweet but will lack the "bold" intense flavor of a darker variety. 

If you go to your pantry in search of this thick, sticky syrup and come up empty-handed, don't fret. The best substitute for maple syrup is probably hanging out in a nearby cabinet.

It doesn't have maple syrup's distinctive flavor

According to A Couple Cooks, if you've used up the last bit of maple syrup you had on hand, honey is the best substitute as it has a similar texture to maple syrup. While the flavor may lack that smoky, intensity maple syrup provides, it still tastes great drizzled over pancakes, and is perfect for sweetening baked goods. If you decide to use honey in place of maple syrup, A Couple Cooks says you can do a 1 to 1 swap.

Moreover, Buttercream Bakeshop notes that although honey might run your pocketbook a little more, when you use it as a substitute for maple syrup in baked goods, you will be getting added nutrients, like amino acids, vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc and antioxidants, per Mayo Clinic

Buttercream Bakeshop also suggests mixing ingredients together to judge whether or not there will be consistency issues when you swap these two ingredients.