The Stunning NYC Seafood Restaurant Ina Garten Absolutely Loves

Patrons looking for a dining experience where the ambiance rivals the fabulous fare may want to check out The Fulton in New York City. Seafood lovers can relax from the daily hustle by dining waterside at Pier 17 while enjoying all the bounty that the ocean has to offer, prepared perfectly by a talented culinary team led by a world-renowned chef. If you're green with envy because you can only read the mouth-watering menu from afar, Ina Garten has just invited you to be a third wheel on her dinner date with Jeffrey on Instagram.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten has been inspired by food since his childhood growing up on the outskirts of Alsace, France. He developed a depth of culinary knowledge by studying various cuisines before combining his cooking skills with a strong entrepreneurial spirit that led him to open 49 successful restaurants worldwide. Chef Vongerichten prides himself on being involved in every aspect of his restaurants, from appetizers to architectural design. His influence is obvious when viewing the carefully curated menu options and stunning views available at The Fulton.

In 1986, Jean-George Vongerichten became enamored with the exhilarating energy emanating from the seaside area of New York that was the former home of The Fulton Fish Market. Diners can rekindle their romance with exceptional seafood by enjoying dishes like Yellowtail Tartare, Shrimp Cocktail, or Florida Red Snapper Ceviche while taking in the impressive view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Experience The Fulton with Ina Garten and Jeffrey

If you can't make it to New York to experience the awe-inspiring seafood restaurant that is The Fulton, you can still have a dreamy seaside moment via its Instagram page. You can almost taste the freshness of the delectable seafood sitting on ice-filled pedestals and take in the view of the city through the floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the famous Brooklyn Bridge. While you're scrolling, crash Ina Garten's dinner date with her ever-popular partner, Jeffrey, and experience The Fulton with them, via Garten's Instagram.

Garten snapped a few pics while dining with her "favorite dinner date" at The Fulton. The celebrity chef chose to dine on the Saffron Seafood Rice, which she deemed delicious. The famous couple sat waterside on the patio while the lights of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York City sparkled on the water, calling the dining experience heavenly.

Garten's followers chimed in by concurring that they, too, love The Fulton along with the relationship between The Barefoot Contessa and her husband. One person thanked her for reminding followers how to love life. 

The enchanting ambiance and exquisite seafood at The Fulton give patrons a lot to love.