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January 29 - February 4, 2015


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Benefit Dinner for Craig Ramini

dm-image-ph The Bay Area food community lost a visionary member of its ranks last week with the passing of Craig Ramini of Ramini Mozzarella. Ramini was one of a few producers of domestic buffalo mozzarella and was greatly loved by top local chefs. Show support to Ramini's family and pay your respects next Tuesday night at Seven Hills, which is hosting a three-course prix fixe benefit dinner, the proceeds of which will go toward maintaining the ranch. 2/3, 5:30, 8:30 and 9:30 p.m seatings; 1550 Hyde St.; call 415-775-1550 for reservations; $75 a person


Redefine Your Wine

Head over to Cartograph Wines this Sunday for an in-depth look at how Pinot Noir is made. During this 90-minute workshop, you'll taste Cartograph wines and Pinot Noir juices while owner Alan Baker gives you a comprehensive tour of how they are produced. Call for reservations and check out even more events during Hands on Healdsburg707-344-8270

Opening of the Week


Mourad Lahlou's anticipated sophomore restaurant, Mourad, opened this Monday in all of its Moroccan-laced, California-fied glory. Lahlou's Aziza has remained one of the top tables in town; Mourad is a larger space rich with grandeur, its basic setup modeled after a Moroccan home. As for the menu, expect Lahlou's unique brand of traditional Moroccan influences, executed with sophistication and balance. There's no shortage of Mediterranean flavors, like a starter of octopus made with chickpeas and merguez ($18), alongside a main dish featuring duck, granola and black garlic ($38). Aziza devotees will be glad to know that Lahlou's beloved duck-filled basteeya ($22) is here, too. Also worth noting is the Family Repast section of the menu, featuring three large-format dishes made for sharing, like short ribs ($120), and an 11-course tasting menu ($150 a person). 140 New Montgomery St.; 415-660-2500



WEATHER WARNING: do not, under any circumstances, mention to your friends in NYC & Boston that our 50 degree winter weather is the worst
@KarltheFog, SF's favorite weather phenomenon

Get Out

Head to Healdsburg for a global experience: Spoonbar is bringing back its Nomad Dinner Series, with menus highlighting flavors and cooking techniques from around the world. This weekend, sample an Asian-themed menu, including hot and sour soup with roti and Dungeness crab ($14), and smoked cod with congee and savory donuts ($25). 1/26 and 1/27, 5 to 9:30 p.m.; 219 Healdsburg Ave.

The Pour

The guys behind Bullitt and Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem are at it again with the opening of Buffalo Club, a pizza-filled bar complete with cocktails ($10) and a disco ball-esque buffalo head. Buffalo Club deviates from the guys' usual menu of loaded tater tots to include a wide assortment of small plates and a selection of pizzas, including a vermouth-laced margherita ($13). 2331 Mission St.; 415-906-5571

Food Crush

Things we love: cioppino. Things we really love: cioppino as interpreted by chef Melissa Reitz at Bar Agricole. For the remainder of crab season, get yourself to Bar Agricole on Sunday nights for a cioppino-centered feast ($50): Each meal price includes crab-rich stew, salad and dessert. Now that's claws to celebrate. 355 11th St.; 415-355-9400


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