POSTED Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trend Watch: Green Strawberries

Normally, we look forward to strawberry season with glee. But this year, we’re kicking ourselves. The arrival of the juicy red berries means we’re too late to try out the latest trend in cooking: green, unripe strawberries.

This past spring, impatient chefs were taking the immature fruit and using it in everything from charcuterie plates to desserts. In Brooklyn, dehydrated green strawberries were transformed into fruit leather at Gwynett St. Nearby at Roberta’s, green strawberries met with rhubarb in a sweet-tart gelato. Asheville, North Carolina’s, Table restaurant pickled the fruits and shaved them over white anchovies. In a spin on a classic dessert, Sidney Street Cafe in St. Louis made a strawberry shortcake that was topped with pickled green strawberries.

Sadly, unripe strawberries are all but gone, so we’re looking to other pre-season fruits for experimentation: Unripe pears are currently on our radar.

And next year, we’ll be ahead of the game.

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