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From left: fava bean hummus, pimento cheese, smoked trout, deviled ham pin-it

You're a few rounds into the evening and have finally scored the best booth at the bar. Food is probably a good idea.

But those chips clipped to the back bar won't do, and you don't want to surrender your ground to search out a burrito.

Larry Piaskowy, creator of Bar Jars, feels your dilemma. Last the chef at 15 Romolo, Piaskowy knows his way around both a kitchen and a bar. His freshly made spreads, sold at a growing number of local bars, are far more appealing than corner-store snacks.

The four-ounce Bar Jars come in varieties like the deviled ham whipped with bread-and-butter-pickles; fava bean hummus, fragrant with fennel; and our favorite, pimento cheese with roasted pimento peppers, all priced between $6 and 10. At Blackbird, an order comes with crisp, coarse-grained oat crackers from Potter's in Sacramento.

If there's any spread left, slip the jar into your bag for a morning-after cure.

Find the full line at Blackbird, 2124 Market St. (at Church St.), 415-503-0630 or blackbirdbar.com; as well as The Barrel Room, 620 Post St. (at Taylor St.), 415-275-2283 or barrelroomsf.com; and Reed & Greenough, 3251 Scott St. (at Chestnut St.), 415-913-7021 or reedandgreenough.com

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Blackbird 2124 Market St. San Francisco CA 94114 415-503-0630 Reed and Greenough 3251 Scott St. San Francisco CA 94123 415-913-7021 The Barrel Room 620 Post St. San Francisco CA 94102 415-275-2283
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