Counting Our Blessings 

2012 was a good year for eaters 

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Oyster Bay

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Sweet Deals

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Clockwise from left: Tout Sweet's panna cotta, thali from Gajalee, Nido's pork chop

Bay Area eaters have many reasons to remember 2012 fondly.

Scores of national magazines trumpeted the innovation and excitement animating San Francisco’s food scene. Our food festivals blossom ever brighter each year. Multiple pizza trucks now prowl the city streets.

It was an especially good year for...

...those of us who love visiting Valencia Street: Fried pizza, egg-and-blue-cheese-topped smørrebrød, fish Malvani masala, rich stouts paired with chèvre cheesecakes, and single-origin Madagascar chocolate bars keep luring us back to the Mission, day after day.

...those of us who love sugar: There were slices of mandarin-chocolate mousse cake, lemon-passion-fruit tarts, wild-cherry phosphates, and superlative chocolate chip cookies and croissants to chase down.

...those of us who love California-Mexican cuisine: Handmade tortillas and erudite antojitos now abound in the Bay Area. On any given night we can search out meatballs in charred-chile chilmole, grilled Tai snapper with green rice, blue-corn tlacoyitos, and grilled pork chops with chile-almond mole.

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