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Monk's Meats is Brooklyn's vegan butcher 
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Monk's Meats has us craving fake meat.

After two years of experimenting, the Brooklyn-based company’s owners, Chris Kim and Rebecca Lopez-Howes, have perfected the art of making seitan, and they’re now selling their line to hungry vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

The line is named after what monks in China would bring to the emperor during his religious abstinence from animal protein. The meatlike texture and satisfying mouthfeel fooled the emperor, and these are the same qualities that make this pair’s seitan so good.

Seitan, a protein made from wheat gluten, has a texture similar to mozzarella--all chew and flavor-soaking potential. We’ve tried it in chili, fajitas and all on its own.

For $1, Monk’s Meats delivers in Brooklyn, and for $2, the company delivers in any of the other boroughs except Staten Island. You can buy the seitan by the half pound ($4 to $6) in four standard flavors: regular (boiled in dashi), rosemary-asparagus, miso-ginger and smoky chipotle adobo. There are also weekly special flavors, including barbeque, chimichurri and Korean bulgogi.

If it’s good enough for the emperor, it’s good enough for us.

Order Monk’s Meats by contacting eat@monksmeats.com

Visit Monk's Meats Website
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