This year, New York has expressed its admiration for its Dutch roots by celebrating everything from bicycles to markets. But our favorite way to pay homage to the Netherlands: pancakes.

Numerous styles of the breakfast treat, from the German-style pfannkuchen to the true Dutch pannekoek, are appearing all over town.

Prune It’s not just the Bloody Marys that draw in a brunch crowd: Prune’s skillet-toasted sweet cake is the stuff of dreams, its crispy exterior hiding a fluffy, blueberry-studded core. 54 E. First St. (between First and Second aves.); 212-677-6221 or

Resto Though the restaurant is best known for its porky provisions and esoteric beer list, Resto’s sweetly named Dutch Baby warrants a morning visit. The whipped batter renders a craggy lip and soft, sunken middle--the perfect vessel for lemon juice and powdered sugar. And just because it’s breakfast, that doesn’t mean you can’t order a beer, too. 111 E. 29th St. (at Park Ave.); 212-685-5585 or

Roebling Tea Room This pannekoek-like creation (pictured) is a flapjack on steroids. Expansive, pleasantly spongy and sweetened with jewel-colored pears and apples, the whole thing is topped with a creamy dollop of spiced butter; ask for a side of apple butter and a slice of lemon as well. 143 Roebling St. (at Driggs Ave.) Brooklyn; 718-963-0760 or

Sullivan Diner Head to this West Village mainstay for its at-any-hour version of Dutch pancakes. More thick crepe than cake, these plate-covering confections come in savory combinations like maple and bacon or goat cheese with dried tomatoes and spinach. 169 Sullivan St. (at MacDougal St.); 212-228-6091 or