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Dehydrated Sriracha

Smart dining at Park Slope's new Talde demands a side of sri-rancha.

This condiment love child of Sriracha and ranch dressing comes courtesy of chef Dale Talde.

The secret to Talde's sri-rancha is simple oven-dehydrated Sriracha (click here for the recipe). For its starring role, the punchy Sriracha powder is mixed with ranch dressing and poured over triangles of underappreciated iceberg lettuce ($9).

The creamy-spicy sauce mixes with chunks of blue cheese and Chinese bacon (click here for the recipe), which gives the classic wedge salad a delicious reconsideration.

Other superb dunking vehicles for Talde's sri-rancha: black-pepper-butter Tai Pan Bakery toast ($3), shrimp toast with Chinese-sausage gravy ($10), crisp-edged pretzel pork and chive dumplings ($8) and shattering doubly-fried Korean chicken ($23).

There's only one option for dessert: Dale's take on Filipino halo halo, a shaved-ice sundae of coconut and condensed milk, lemongrass and kaffir-lime leaves improbably topped with Cap'n Crunch.

In fact, the halo halo is probably the only menu item the sri-rancha wouldn't be good on.

Talde, 369 Seventh Ave. (at 11th St.), Brooklyn; 347-916-0031 or

Make Sriracha Powder for Sri-Rancha
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Talde 369 Seventh Ave. New York NY 11215 347-916-0031
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