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The city's freshest (and most authentic?) lobster roll 

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Every summer, a familiar debate runs down the East Coast: What's the proper way to make a lobster roll?

Plenty of Mainers will weigh in with authority (Warm or cold? Mayo or butter?), but this year the Red Hook Lobster Pound is bringing the state's signature sandwich to New York so you can decide for yourself.

Each Thursday, Lobster Pound owner (and Maine native) Susan Povich and her husband, Ralph Gorham, drive truckloads of live lobsters straight from the boats to Brooklyn, where they sell the lobsters--and now--lobster rolls every weekend.

Making their debut this Sunday at the Brooklyn Bridge Flea, Povich and Gorham will serve their Lobster Pound rolls alongside Jonah crab claws and Mari's Caramel Sea Salt Brownies. We don't know what Mainers think about lobster and chocolate, but we think New York will like it.

And if you can't make it to the Flea, pick up a few lobsters from the Pound and roll on home with Povich's own recipe (click here to download).

This Recipe (pdf)
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Brooklyn Flea 176 Lafayette Ave. Brooklyn NY 11205
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