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Mira Sushi & Izakaya takes on all of Asia 

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Kyoto Crunchy Sloppy Joes

The best way to approach a meal at the Flatiron's new Mira Sushi & Izakaya: Leave pretension at the door.

Embrace the manic menu for what it is, and you'll be that much closer to enjoying a plate of Kyoto Crunchy Sloppy Joes ($9).

Ground Kurobuta pork dusted with buttered panko and Parmesan is piled onto fluffy Hawaiian potato buns. These sloppy Joes are unlike anything that ever graced our elementary school tray, although they do utilize one very American touch: Coca-Cola in place of sugar.

The Asian flavor ping-ponging continues with thin-skinned pork wontons ($7) in a pool of chile oil, toasted sesame oil, sweet soy sauce, scallions and garlic, and refreshing sesame leaves wrapped around cucumber and carrot shreds ($6).

In the back corner of the restaurant, a sushi bar, devoid of any seats, seems to implore you to not pay any attention to it at all. The fish is serviceable, but this is certainly not the spot to get finicky.

Instead, the menu heaves with options like tempura fried shrimp ($8.50), splayed tail-up in a roll with cucumber, avocado and yuzu mayo.

Slightly schlocky? Yup. Tasty? Hell, yes.

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Our New York editor, Tressa Eaton, dined unannounced at Mira Sushi & Izakaya on April 9. We spent $53.29 on dinner for two, not including alcohol or tip. A language barrier turned ordering our meal into a runaround, but we happily received all our food. Read about Tasting Table's restaurant recommendation policy.

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Mira Sushi & Izakaya 46 W. 22nd St. New York NY 10010 212-989-7889
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