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Three beers for the backyard 
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Tasting Table: Seasonal Sips

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On sunny days, we tend to reach for cans rather than bottles: They're easier to tote and the metal protects the beer from light, which helps keep its quality intact.

It seems that our favorite brewers are clued into our tendency and have released several of our favorite new seasonal brews in cans.

Here are the six-packs to pick up before hitting the road:

Sixpoint Apollo: This Brooklyn-based brewery released a beer of the same name several years ago, but this Apollo is brand-new. Based on a Bavarian-style wheat beer, the brew is easy-drinking while still offering a punch of tropical (think banana, spiced hops and butterscotch) flavor ($10 for a four-pack; click here to buy).

New Belgium Shift: Meant to embody the beer you’d like to drink after your shift at work, this lager is available only in cans. The golden-hued beer is slightly malty with herbal, almost bitter notes ($9 for a four-pack; click here to buy).

Churchkey Can Co. Pilsner: This burgeoning Seattle-based brewery has resurrected the old-school flat-top cans (which require a church-key tool to open). The pilsner is the brewery’s first release, and a solid one at that. Honeyed and mellow flavors turn sharp with a dry, tangy finish (click here to find the beer).

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