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Kosher Champagne, just in time for Passover 

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When it comes to Champagne, New Year's and birthdays are the most common celebratory holidays.

But now flutes are also appropriate at the Passover seder. This year, you can keep kosher and wax celebratory with Drappier's Carte D'Or Brut ($43 for 750 ml; click here to buy).

This kosher cuvée, the first of its kind, just recently landed on the market, thanks to a collaboration between Drappier, a seventh-generation Champagne house, and Royal Wine Corp., an international importer and distributor of kosher wine.

And this sparkling wine does not disappoint. Though it lacks a bit of the crystalline zing of the original Drappier Brut, the fine bubbles are enriched with flinty, slightly spicy flavors and a creamy finish. What's more, it's compellingly dry--no cloying Manischewitz memories here.

On all other nights you drink beer, cocktails or soda, but tonight it is time to drink Champagne.

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