Here in the Tasting Table Test Kitchen, something tasty is always cooking. Sometimes we're testing recipes such as lamb chops with hazelnut gremolata for our Chefs' Recipes Edition or trying out dishes such as puffed black rice or smoked soba noodles for one of our city editions. Other times, party food takes over the test kitchen as our chef, Brendan McHale, and his team prep for Tasting Table events. One of Brendan's go-to recipes is for delicate ricotta beignets. He makes his own ricotta (click here for Brendan's homemade ricotta cheese recipe), though store-bought ricotta works nicely too. He folds the ricotta into a batter that rests for a few hours before being fried into sweet, puffy orbs. The beignets are finished with a copious amount of powdered sugar--and a tip of the hat to the chef.