(Digitally) Pin Your Recipes 

I Wanna Nom saves your food photos 

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Cookbooks are often heavily weighted by images.

But online recipes have taken the camera and run with it, turning our meal-planning first into a visual feast, then a series of written instructions.

With the advent of Pinterest, we can bookmark anything and organize it by its photo. And now a new website has used the same technology and refined it specifically for food: Meet I Wanna Nom.

Unfortunate name aside, the service is seamless; add the I Wanna Nom button to your toolbar and you can download any intriguing recipe to your collection with the click of a button.

With another two clicks, you can tag the recipe--mark it for a specific meal or as appropriate for specific dietary restrictions--all without leaving the page you were browsing.

You'll find a stunning spread of food porn when you head back to your list of recipes; follow other users for additional visual inspiration. Even if you don't end up cooking the dishes, you'll have a feast for the eyes.

(Digitally) Pin Your Recipes

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