Test your fried dough know-how with a doughnut IQ test 

Measure your doughnut aptitude with our IQ test 

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Sugared and fresh from the fry oil, doughnuts are universally loved as few things are.

The treats are always in fashion, to be sure, but the past year has suggested a moment: New versions of doughnut shops are launching across the country, while old classics have only gained steam, gathering new crops of doughnut fans.

With this in mind, we pored over the offerings from our favorite doughnut haunts to compile a bucket list of deep-fried specimens. Culling from Northwestern chocolate-potato variations to an Austin-based doughnut that boasts a savory spin, we put together the ultimate compilation, a true test of one's glaze-ringed knowledge.

Click here to take our doughnut IQ test and see if you can correctly identify each pastry; if nothing else, you'll work up an appetite (and luckily, a few of our picks will ship nationally).

Here's to the common denominator.

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