New spiced rums that aren't so bad after all 

Flavored rum isn't so bad after all 

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Spiced rum is gunning for respectability of late.

Sure, it may never fully escape the cloud of countless bad decisions and rough mornings-after, but those of us in the know can now revel in the upsurge of affordable, ready-to-mix deliciousness.

Drinkers can choose from newcomers, such as the Lash from the Netherlands, which are punched up with potent blends of spices such as clove, allspice, cayenne and ginger.

Or you can get a dose of New Orleans in your glass with a version that takes its cues from chicory, or, for a cold-weather mulled drink, try our favorite pour that drips with cinnamon.

Armed with an easy recipe (click here to see) from Todd Thrasher of PX in Virginia, check out (click here to see the slide show) five standouts that shine as brightly in a shaker as they do on the rocks.

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